Gutter behaviour.

“Your best bad influence.”

Ratster is that friend who jumps out of a moving car into a bush and drinks all your whiskey; but you still hang out with him. Here we have a bike with 1250cc’s of Harley Davidson muscle, pumped up with an aftermarket Big Bore kit and a tendency to terrify and charm your mom at the same time.

With the ancestory of a sportster 883 and the inspiration of a rat-rod, this bike will become your best bad influence. Try say no to 130mm of rubber up front and 190mm in the back - that’s a party all round.

While it might act like pure filth, this bike knows how to clean the important parts – with invisible wiring threaded throughout the frame and bars, he maintains an unsuspecting low profile, allowing him to sneak up and slap you in the bek.

But you’ll come back for more.


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