The Yamaha V-Star was an O.K bike, but this Custom version, now dubbed “The Phoenix” has risen from the ashes of stock part hell and spread it’s fiery wings into a Stoosified demigod.

It’s better than it ever was. All the clutter and unnecessary parts have been removed, cut down and trimmed. It’s a perfect showcase of what can happen when a bike is put into the right hands - Stoos saw potential. Stoos made this.

With 60% of the original parts removed, a new piant job, custom handle bars and chopped fenders, this bike is slick.

“Chrome doesn’t get you home,” says Stoos - so all stock chrome parts have be resprayed black to match the bikes twisted, deranged soul.

Ignite the Phoenix.
Watch it rise.


T+27 21 552 3404
C+27 83 268 2290
A39 Stella Park, 57 Stella rd Montague gardens
Custom Comes Standard.